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  Authority SEO shows you online what Internet marketing services are and where your business or website will show up when a potential customers searchers for your business.   … [Read more...]

Is your business Seasonal?

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There are all kinds of businesses out there. Many are online and many are offline. Some stay busy year round and some are seasonal. Generally you know when your business is seasonal, but are you doing everything you can to do maximize your revenue during that period that you are doing your greatest amount of business. Most businesses do not, rather they usually spend their revenue on their slow periods to try to increase business. That is not a bad idea but you should not take your busy season for granted. That busy season is when you have the most customers looking for your service or goods so why not capture the maximum amount of customers possible. Think of … [Read more...]

My business can not afford Internet Advertising

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Money is tight for every business and no matter how the current administration tries to spin the economic news, things are not getting better, at least not yet. If your business is savvy enough to survive this economy and climate then obviously your service or product is in demand enough to do well when consumers have more money to spend. So how can you position yourself now to be ready when things do turn around? Search engine optimization of your website and Internet marketing of your business is a cost effective way to increase your website traffic and your business traffic. But your saying you have priced quality SEO/SEM and it is out of range of your … [Read more...] Voted Best SEO Company in Mesa Arizona

Best SEO In Mesa Arizona

 Mesa Arizona's Best Internet Marketing Company! Authority SEO was proud to accept the award of "Best SEO company in Mesa Arizona", this week. Authority SEO was chosen for from many of the search engine marketing firms throughout the east valley. The award was based on ranking and traffic increases provided to web based business. Votes were taken from owners other SEO firms customers, search engine page results and reported statistics. Search engine rankings are a list of results that show on a search engines website. These results are not random in the least. They are chosen by Google, Yahoo or Bing or any of the other search engines that people may use. What … [Read more...]

Pay Per Click Advertising To Generate Money


Almost since the beginning of the internet there has been internet advertising. Since I have been in the e commerce business since 1998, I have seen the advertising market change and change again. Remember Overture? I do and I remember the click fraud as well with all of the advertisers. Even though, the PPC platform was a good way to get customers and sales. Many people did not know about PPC or how to use it. So in the beginning it was easy to drive traffic for under 10 cents per click. Since that time Google has emerged to the forefront of ppc ads. Google Adwords works, but it is very expensive and the ROI is not always that great, especially if you are not … [Read more...]

3 Biggest Myths About Websites and Internet Marketing

You have heard of vast fortunes being made online and you want to get into the ball game.  You may already have a business and want to market your products and services on the web, or you want to start a new web based company because you believe that using the Internet is the route to fast cash. Yes, I too have read about the people who started Google, Yahoo, Youtube, and more which have turned their great ideas into real fortunes.  Did you know that 95% of all people attempting to make money online are not profitable? Sure, you can make a little money from websites like InboxDollars doing surveys, but BIG business is hard online.  Even large sites like … [Read more...]

Top 4 Online Marketing Mistakes

If you go online to read how to market your website you will find thousands of different answers.  Many of answers are probably the same or close though it can be hard to determine the difference.  With so much information it can be an overload.  This overload of internet marketing info can lead to bad online marketing habits or mistakes that can cost you sales. So, here I present to you some really flagrant mistakes that a digital marketing company Tampa professes that people make: Top 4 Online Marketing Mistakes Patience: most people don't give their organic SEO strategies time to work.  Because they don't get instant results they give up and prevent … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing One Third of All Marketing Dollars Spent by 2013

The economic downturn has reduced total dollars spent on marketing across the board, and internet marketing is no exception.  What isn't slowing down is the increase in market share internet marketing is taking away from more traditional marketing media. PriceWaterhouseCoopers in a new report estimates that internet marketing with be 36% of all marketing dollars spent by 2013.  One key factor in the increase on web marketing is the ever increasing availability of wi-fi and broadband cards allowing people to have access to internet almost every where they go. One clear sign that the change is coming toward internet advertising is from Group M, a media buying … [Read more...]