Why Keyword Research is Vital SEO for Any Website

keyword research

Most business owners understand what one or two major keywords are important to their business. To take those keywords even further is keyword research. Finding objectively how people are search for any business is a vital aspect for any Internet marketing strategy. As an Internet Marketing Firm, keyword research is one of the very first things our team does for any new project. Strategic Solutions Research uses keywords to help you maximize the potential of your brand. The last time you searched in Google or Bing what keywords did you type in? Did you find what you where looking for? Did you type in multiple different search word phrases to find the right … [Read more...]

Ecommerce Review – Ranking Your Products in Top Ten of Google – 2 Min SEO

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Authority SEO Launches SEO Strategies for Bridal Online Store

BridalOnlineStore.com a leader in online wedding dress sales has teamed with Authority SEO to develop greater online visibility.  Bridal Online Store has been selling high quality wedding dresses online for over 7 years.  Their robust business has even greater room for improvement with key rankings of major keywords and engaging in effective social media strategies. Look for BridalOnlineStore.com as you search online for wedding dresses and other wedding items. … [Read more...]

Secure Top Google Natural Rankings for Your Website

google rankings

Every business wants to find their website at the top of Google search engine rankings for the keywords that are essential to their products or services. Authority SEO utilizes proven strategies to achieve top Google search rankings for major keywords and keep them there.  The goal is to have as many keywords as possible that are a direct link to your products and services that rank in the Top 10 of Google organic or natural search.  This is the search results that show up in the middle of the page and not the paid sponsored advertising on the side. Authority SEO Results Type in Google Search online personal trainer - find website … [Read more...]

High Number of Potential Customers to Your Business

There are 213 million searches per day with Google and Yahoo accounting for 90% of all web traffic.  Though you probably won't have all 213 million visit your website, you can achieve massive amounts of targeted visitors to find your website on a daily basis. Authority SEO works to place your website in as many as possible keywords that will drive traffic that represents searchers looking for your specific services or products.  What most businesses don't understand is that 70% of all search engine traffic is unique search phrases. "What that means to you is that there are thousands of different ways people are searching your business right now that you don't … [Read more...]