Directories, Are They Good For Link Building?


We have all been lured by ads saving 25,000 directory submissions for 19 dollars. I know, you set and think "It has to worth $19 for that many links". Well maybe not. Link farms are not good for ranking and anything spammy is never good. However building links 1 at a time is a good process. Hopefully while you are building links others are linking to your content just because it is good information. Here is a reciprocal link I built <a href="" >submit url</a>  The jury is out on it but I will measure its effectiveness and report back. Always remember that if it sounds to good to be true it is. SEO AINT EASY! … [Read more...]

Top 5 Reasons to Write a Press Release for Your Website

Press releases are not just for large companies to release their latest earning statement.  Press Releases through online distribution can be a valuable resource for increasing the online visibility of your company and building trust with your audience. Press Releases need to be news worthy to be effective Top 5 Reasons to Write a Press Release for Your Website Organic traffic: a well written and news worthy press release distributed through the top online press release channels can get displayed in Google news and show up in Google organic search.  Google search and Google news both can drive thousands of people to your website. Link building: at the … [Read more...]

Google One Way Links – 2 Min SEO by Authority SEO

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How Many Links Does My Competitors Have Pointing to their Website – 2 Min SEO

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What is google page rank

Google Page Rank has changed which has affected not everyone, though enough people were affected to make a significant difference. To better look at how PageRank has affected websites rankings in Google search engine, we first better have to look at what is Google PageRank. Google Page Rank updates every 3 months or so which typically doesn’t mean much to most websites. Google is always updating page-ranks of web pages and every three months you see an update to the numerical value. What is Google PageRank? Page Rank is the algorithm created by Larry Page the founder of Google that associates a value to every web page to demonstrate a level of importance. … [Read more...]

Can My Google Pagerank be Hurt

So can Google PageRank hurt you? This question is really answered by how you are using your website to create revenue or increase brand awareness. As one way linking building has become important to Google for search results and PageRank, pay per post websites have sprung up to fill a demand for people looking for links. If you start to sell links from your site based on your Page Rank, the new links you are now sending out of your website will lower your Page Rank. Google has taken on a fight to also go after blog link farms. A blog link farm would be a blog set up that sends lots of links out from the blog to certain websites. Blogs can be created fast and … [Read more...]

Link Building

Link building is the true where rubber meets the road as it relates to search engine optimization and your websites ability to rank for the keywords that are important to you.  Search engines use links from other websites pointing to yours as a key determination on how important your website is. Authority SEO Link Building Strategies Creates high quality one way links Creates links from other websites that deliver targeted traffic Allows the ability to rank for major keywords for your business " has over 32,000 links indexed by the search engines which allow it to rank #1 for the keyword supplements on Yahoo" There are two types … [Read more...]