Google Search Engine Optimizatin Update for April 2010

google update

The following are a summary of the updates on their search engine results from Google directly.  Google offers on a regular basis information on changes in their search results which allows both better understanding for the web searcher and for SEO consultant companies to better adjust strategies to meet the Internet goals of businesses. Google Suggest One major improvement in Google web searching is Google Suggest which is the keyword help that Google gives you once you start typing into the search bar.  Google Suggest has been around since 2008 though new improvements have made it even better especially for non English speaking countries. The search … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Increase Exposure of Local Search

local search

If you have typed in your industry into the Google or Yahoo search engine, you have seen the Local Search results for your competitors.  Having you company listed in local search is essential to receiving the future customers who are looking for your direct business.  If you don't have your company listed, people will just find your competitors. Local search results show above organic listings in Google's search engine for GEO targeted searches of local businesses As the following is a list of tips for increasing your ability to show up in the top local search results, we will not cover any more spam techniques that I feel will eventually get you caught and your … [Read more...]

Local Small Business SEO – 3 Reasons Why You Need To

local seo

Whether you are a small business locally found in Phoenix, Arizona, Denver, CO, or Las Vegas, NV Internet marketing through search engine optimization (SEO) has the ability to deliver a wealth of new customers.  Local small businesses are the last group joining the party as it relates to Online marketing.  It was obvious from the start that large national or global companies would benefit from SEO consulting though there was a question if local doctor offices, lawyers, dry cleaners, dentists, and more would achieve the same rewards. Google now uses GEO Targeting which determines the Online searcher's physical location through their IP address There are three … [Read more...]

Google Local Search Rollout

If you thought searching online was only for national or worldwide information, not any more.  Google has finished its worldwide rollout of local search in its search engine.  Every time your search now Google will guess to your location to give your more geo centric results. How does Google know your location?  Google uses your IP address to get a general sense of your geographical area.  If you need to change your location you can click the “change location” link at the upper right hand corner of your page. Searching online is now more and more important for local businesses to create an effective web presence. … [Read more...]

Top 10 Ecommerce Tips

top ten e commerce tips

We all want to sell more online.  As you start to plan how to increase sales on your website, listed below are ten tips to increase ecommerce. Top 10 Ecommerce Tips 1. Invest part of your budget into more fun and easy shopping experiences.  Fun doesn't have to cost much money and can separate you from your competition. 2. Use the analytics tools to better segment your visitors to create more direct and localized marketing messages. 3. Add product videos and other media you might have on your products. 4. Remove any annoying banners that flash or force people to listen to them over and over. 5. Add video demonstrations of your products or services in … [Read more...]