New Click Fraud Click Laundering Discovered by Microsoft

click laundering

There is a new form of click fraud that has been discovered my Microsoft.  This week Microsoft has filed two lawsuits against online advertising companies that have partaken in click laundering.  Microsoft discovered the fraud do to unusual high volume of clicks coming from two different websites.  If the fraud companies hadn't been so obvious and greedy, Microsoft stated that they could have defrauded online merchants for hundreds of thousands of dollars over time. click fraud is one of the biggest reasons why search engine optimization (SEO) typically returns a higher return on investment (ROI) then pay per click (PPC) advertising.  With PPC a websites pays … [Read more...]

How well is Search Engine Doing

By now you have probably seen the keyword overload commerical by Bing which is the latest search engine to challenge Google. is created my Microsoft which uses past searches and more detailed information in the search results in hopes that people which switch from Google as the major search engine player to Bing. So how well is Bing doing?  One thing you have to keep in mind is that it is only been available for a couple weeks.  Bing now ranks forth in highest visited search engines.  This isn't too bad since people have only had a week to use.  The initial reviews are good as people like the search results interface. Will Bing challenge Google; … [Read more...]

Microsoft Set to Release Kumo Search Engine to Compete with Google


Microsoft is in the works to launch Kumo, a new search engine to rival Google.  Microsoft's goal with Kumo is offer a fresher look that focuses on organic results and better layout for advertisers. If Kumo can live up to the hype it will be the best search engine experience that Microsoft has ever offered to the public. The new search results of Kumo will place more importance on images and videos, and for have a stronger ecommerce presence.  The ecommerce features will give searchers more detailed information about the products, if they are in stock or not, and the different prices of online stores. For example if you search for the term "iphone" you will … [Read more...]