The Problems with Over Doing Social Media for Your Business

Twitter is all the rage.  Everyone is tweeting now on who knows what from celebrities to serious news anchors.  Do you remember when MySpace was the biggest thing around?  The problem with social networks is they come and go so you have to keep up with what is the current one that is generating traffic. Myspace is now laying off jobs as they are over saturated with employees expecting their rocket growth to continue. I am not saying not to have a presence on the social networks far from it.  What I am saying what will not come and go is a consistent approach to building your own successful website.  If you spend too much of your resources on social media … [Read more...]

Top 10 Social Media Websites

With the proliferation of social media sites like Facebook there importance and influence on ecommerce and overall web traffic has increased.  One thing to keep in mind is that how social media content is being used is still in its infancy.  For those that understand the key aspects of each social media site can take advantage of the traffic social experiences offers.   Before you start dumping content into social media remember people can tell the difference right away from blatant self promotion of your business and real interaction. Now that you are going to start social media strategies begin with how you are going to measure success.  Social media … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing Plan

MARKET SUMMARY Product Definition Authority SEO offers a social media marketing package that includes popular social media sites like Myspace and Facebook.  The goal of this package is to increase your online visibility by adding a social component to your online marketing plan. As the social media environment changes with new websites becoming popular and others fade away.  Your social media marketing plan updates so your strategy will always be up to date with the best social resources for your business. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Each social media site has different requirements and social services so we don’t go into depth about each one.  We utilize … [Read more...]