4 Factors that Affect Your Website’s Bounce Rate

If you have started looking at the analytics on your website you have noticed the item “bounce rate.”  Understanding what your bounce rate is and the factors that affect it is vital to making the most of your Online traffic.  You work to hard to get unique visitors to your website to lose them. First, what is bounce rate?  Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your site without ever clicking on another page in your website. Inside Your Website Factors that Affect Bounce Rate Design: Think about websites that you have visited that annoyed you and you immediately left.  Do you have any of these aspects on your own site?  Lots of … [Read more...]

Why On Page SEO is More than Meta Tags

You want to optimize your website for the search engines, namely Google.  My favorite conversion with future SEO consulting clients is on the conversion of site optimization.  The first thing that any person will tell me is I have meta tags on my website.  Meta tags are important though they should be done before I even start with what I would call fundamentals.  I am not going into in this articles how many sites which have the same meta information on every page. The goal of this post is receive a greater understanding about other important factors for each page of your website. Do you know if your important keywords are in the top 100 words of your … [Read more...]