Website Success Sales vs. Service – Rush Hour Traffic by Authority SEO

rush hour traffic podcast Rush Hour Traffic Podcast - Website Success Sales vs. Service Are you setting your website up to generate revenue Are you spending too much money on parts of your website that don't generate sales … [Read more...]

Ecommerce Solutions

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Authority SEO is a complete solution for your ecommerce needs and goals.  Starting an online business can be overwhelming.  The goal of Authority SEO is walk you through the process and the decision making to allow you to create the right online environment which generates sales.  Authority SEO was started by successful ecommerce business owners who have gone through every process of creating an ecommerce website to generating sales by search engine optimization.  We now utilized our proven team to create your ecommerce solution without the hassels of not knowing everything that needs to happen. " achieved 278,296 new visitors in its first year … [Read more...]

Reduce Your Online Marketing Charge

Have you found that your current online marketing plan is not giving a return on your investment? There are two key concepts that allow Authority SEO to deliver results than convert to sales than achieves an exceptional long term return on your investment. Key Concept #1 All businesses want to see their website at the top of Google search rankings.  Google offers a simple way to get on the front page called Adwords which is where your business bids for placement with the highest bidder receives the top placement in the paid advertisement section.  What you quickly find and probably the reason you are reading this is that Adwords though gets you traffic the … [Read more...]