The cost of getting traffic to your website.


If you have a website that sells items online then the question that is always on your mind is, how do I get more traffic to my site and how can I afford it. High quality SEO/SEM work is expensive. There is a good reason for that. It's because it is a lot of hard work. The days of spamming the metatags and getting ranked are long gone. Now it takes months of internet marketing strategy to get your site ranked high in the search engines. Also there is more competition and the competition is getting smarter every day. To get your own website ranked by yourself or your in house staff for competitive keywords is almost impossible now. You need a team of professionals … [Read more...]

Google Launches For Charity Search Engine – All For Good

All For Good

Google has just launched a new search engine to support charitable organizations.  The new search engine is at where just like normal Google search you place the keyword of the type of charity you are looking for and the results give you opportunities in your area.  The goal of this project is to make finding and supporting charitable organizations easier for the average person. The new community search engine also indexes which is a project of Obama to further encourage participation in people's communities. An added feature to further narrow down your search is that you can search based on today, this weekend, this week, and this … [Read more...]

How well is Search Engine Doing

By now you have probably seen the keyword overload commerical by Bing which is the latest search engine to challenge Google. is created my Microsoft which uses past searches and more detailed information in the search results in hopes that people which switch from Google as the major search engine player to Bing. So how well is Bing doing?  One thing you have to keep in mind is that it is only been available for a couple weeks.  Bing now ranks forth in highest visited search engines.  This isn't too bad since people have only had a week to use.  The initial reviews are good as people like the search results interface. Will Bing challenge Google; … [Read more...]

Microsoft Set to Release Kumo Search Engine to Compete with Google


Microsoft is in the works to launch Kumo, a new search engine to rival Google.  Microsoft's goal with Kumo is offer a fresher look that focuses on organic results and better layout for advertisers. If Kumo can live up to the hype it will be the best search engine experience that Microsoft has ever offered to the public. The new search results of Kumo will place more importance on images and videos, and for have a stronger ecommerce presence.  The ecommerce features will give searchers more detailed information about the products, if they are in stock or not, and the different prices of online stores. For example if you search for the term "iphone" you will … [Read more...]

Click Fraud Reaches New Record

On pay per click advertising 17.1% of all clickthroughs are click fraud according to Click Forensics, which has been monitoring click fraud since 2006.  Click fraud on Google Adsense and Yahoo Publisher is 28.2% of all clicks.  Majoring of the click fraud is achieved using automated bots and looks to be on the rise even more with the struggling economy. Click fraud is the #1 reason why organic search engine marketing is the #1 way to market your website online. … [Read more...]

Secure Top Google Natural Rankings for Your Website

google rankings

Every business wants to find their website at the top of Google search engine rankings for the keywords that are essential to their products or services. Authority SEO utilizes proven strategies to achieve top Google search rankings for major keywords and keep them there.  The goal is to have as many keywords as possible that are a direct link to your products and services that rank in the Top 10 of Google organic or natural search.  This is the search results that show up in the middle of the page and not the paid sponsored advertising on the side. Authority SEO Results Type in Google Search online personal trainer - find website … [Read more...]