Using Google To Grow Your Business


As most people know there are billions of people that use Google and many of the Google products that they offer online and offline nearly everyday. Products such as internet search, maps, Google Earth, GMail, Android phones and many other useful items. Unfortunately many of you don't use these items to grow your own business and increase your web presence in this digital marketing era. Digital marketing, search engine marketing, web marketing, social media marketing or whatever name you choose to call it by is the wave of the current future and if you are not taking advantage of it you are going to get left behind.  Make use of this guide for using … [Read more...]

The Age Of Digital Marketing and The Internet Search Engine

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For the few of us that are approaching our 2nd decade in the digital marketing era it is hard to believe that nearly 2 decades have past since digital marketin came into being. It seems only last year that my Compaq was dialing up on AOL and I was hoping to get a fast connection with some decent speed. Digital marketing then was loading meta tags with keywords and putting as many keywords in to the page as possible without making the page completely unreadable. Fast forward to 2012 and now there are so many facets to promoting your business online it is difficult to keep pace. I spend the majority of my time researching, reading, testing theory, and teaching the … [Read more...]

How Authority SEO Uses Social Media To Market It’s Clients

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Many small businesses are beginning to understand the power of social media tools and tactics. Studies by eMarketer reports that 260,000 small businesses across the US and Canada are employing social media tactics and using free trial strategies to get more followers. Furthermore 51% of small businesses are using social media for professional social networking. They are using tools like LinkedIn, Facebook,  and 28% are involved in microblogging using tools like Twitter. There are things to think about before starting. The most important is your time. Viral marketing through social media really requires a lot of original content and a great amount of time … [Read more...]

Social Media in the New Search Engine Optimization Game

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More and more social media makes headlines with an increase in users and online visibility.  You also see now on tv commercials company's social media icons like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.  Not to mention Myspace which used to be a big player has just relaunched their website into a completely new interface with hopes of regaining some of its earlier market share.  For business owners the question becomes how to best use social media to in the end increase the bottom line. As it stands right now Google shows Twitter updates in its regular search engine results page and is the main feature of its real time search boxes.  Also, Bing incorporates Facebook … [Read more...]

The Problems with Over Doing Social Media for Your Business

Twitter is all the rage.  Everyone is tweeting now on who knows what from celebrities to serious news anchors.  Do you remember when MySpace was the biggest thing around?  The problem with social networks is they come and go so you have to keep up with what is the current one that is generating traffic. Myspace is now laying off jobs as they are over saturated with employees expecting their rocket growth to continue. I am not saying not to have a presence on the social networks far from it.  What I am saying what will not come and go is a consistent approach to building your own successful website.  If you spend too much of your resources on social media … [Read more...]

Authority SEO is Now on Twitter

Authority SEO has officially joined the Twitter revolution.  If you want to get tweets from Authority SEO please follow our new Twitter feed at You can get up to date on the latest projects Authority SEO is working on from new social sites, blogs, forums, and more. If you want to know what search engine optimization work Authority SEO is up to then please follow us on Twitter. … [Read more...]

Top 10 Social Media Websites

With the proliferation of social media sites like Facebook there importance and influence on ecommerce and overall web traffic has increased.  One thing to keep in mind is that how social media content is being used is still in its infancy.  For those that understand the key aspects of each social media site can take advantage of the traffic social experiences offers.   Before you start dumping content into social media remember people can tell the difference right away from blatant self promotion of your business and real interaction. Now that you are going to start social media strategies begin with how you are going to measure success.  Social media … [Read more...]

New Social Site for Brides Planning Their Weddings

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Authority SEO launches Bridal Space for Bridal Online Store.  Bridal Space is new social site just for brides getting married.  Now, you can chat, share ideas, and more all in one site. Bridal Space allows brides to add videos, photos, blogs, messages, and more to interact with other women going through the same life changing event, your wedding.  You can even add your Twitter feed into your Bridal Space site so you can edit and review all your social media from one site. If you are getting married please visit Bridal Space and join the fun with Wedding101 by Bridal Online Store. … [Read more...]

Will Google Friend Connect Affect My SEO Rankings

Google has just released Google Friend Connect, which is a service that allows websites to easily add social media apps directly into their sites with no IT experience.  Just cut and paste the social application code you want and drop it into your website. Directly Google Friend Connect won't drive more traffic to your website.  The goal would be to enhance the social aspects of your site which can allow visitors to interact more.  You would need a fair amount of traffic already to have these features work so people have other people to interact with. Google in the future which is only a guess on my part could find a way to involve the data from Google … [Read more...]

Authority SEO Launches SEO Strategies for Bridal Online Store a leader in online wedding dress sales has teamed with Authority SEO to develop greater online visibility.  Bridal Online Store has been selling high quality wedding dresses online for over 7 years.  Their robust business has even greater room for improvement with key rankings of major keywords and engaging in effective social media strategies. Look for as you search online for wedding dresses and other wedding items. … [Read more...]