Top 4 Online Marketing Mistakes

If you go online to read how to market your website you will find thousands of different answers.  Many of answers are probably the same or close though it can be hard to determine the difference.  With so much information it can be an overload.  This overload of internet marketing info can lead to bad online marketing habits or mistakes that can cost you sales. So, here I present to you some really flagrant mistakes that a digital marketing company Tampa professes that people make: Top 4 Online Marketing Mistakes Patience: most people don't give their organic SEO strategies time to work.  Because they don't get instant results they give up and prevent … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing One Third of All Marketing Dollars Spent by 2013

The economic downturn has reduced total dollars spent on marketing across the board, and internet marketing is no exception.  What isn't slowing down is the increase in market share internet marketing is taking away from more traditional marketing media. PriceWaterhouseCoopers in a new report estimates that internet marketing with be 36% of all marketing dollars spent by 2013.  One key factor in the increase on web marketing is the ever increasing availability of wi-fi and broadband cards allowing people to have access to internet almost every where they go. One clear sign that the change is coming toward internet advertising is from Group M, a media buying … [Read more...]

Reduce Your Online Marketing Charge

Have you found that your current online marketing plan is not giving a return on your investment? There are two key concepts that allow Authority SEO to deliver results than convert to sales than achieves an exceptional long term return on your investment. Key Concept #1 All businesses want to see their website at the top of Google search rankings.  Google offers a simple way to get on the front page called Adwords which is where your business bids for placement with the highest bidder receives the top placement in the paid advertisement section.  What you quickly find and probably the reason you are reading this is that Adwords though gets you traffic the … [Read more...]