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Authority SEO offers Wordpress web development and website design plus the benefits of being created by and Internet marketing team with over 10 years of experience.  Wordpress over the last 9 years has become the #1 content management system used on the web.  With its easy to use web based admin Wordpress allows any website owner after their website has been completed to make their own edits without a web developer. Google stated in their blog that Wordpress was the best content management system and blog for SEO. Authority SEO Wordpress Web Development and Website Design Offers: Custom and professional website designs that integrate your existing … [Read more...]

SEO Before or After Design of Your Website

The most common thing that happens for many small businesses is that they create a website than start their Google Adwords program.  Only to find out the Adwords is costing them money with negative return on investment.  So the next step is turning to a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant. Many web designers claim they know SEO Many web designers claim they know SEO This can be very confusing for a small business owner when their web designer claimed they knew SEO.  Which perpetuates the #1 myth with SEO that search engine optimization is a one time deal of add a couple things to your website and you are done.  The reality is SEO is a daily, yes I … [Read more...]

5 Things that Every Website Most Have

There are a thousand and one ways to create a website.  You could use a content management system, blog software, or static html coding.  Each of these has its own CSS style sheet to create a unique look and feel and support your brand. Clean and professional web design works no matter what business you are in No matter what business you are in or the reason for creating your website there are common themes that all successful website abide by.  As you are creating your website you always need to remember you have 5-10 seconds to make a person stay on your web page. 5 Things that Every Website Most Have Professional: when you go into a brick and mortar … [Read more...]