SEO / SEM is Exceptionally Valuable

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SEO / SEM is Exceptionally Valuable If you are selling a product that others are retailing especially if there are 1000's of other vendors selling the exact same thing, then ranking higher for the brand name you are targeting will lead to more conversions. The amount consumer demand will dictate the amount of succes you have. The SEO work doesn't really create new demand in and of itself, but it can provide the opportunity to convert visitors to customers of adjacent products your website sells. The sort of demand creation needed has to come from broader generic search queries and/or arbitraging competing brands. Not everyone's website is based upon selling … [Read more...]

Converting Visitors To Customers

Paying Customers

In my last post I wrote about deciding on pay per click adverstising or to spend you hard earned money on search engine optimization and search engine marketing. I explained the reason why both are needed and one of the reasons to use PPC especially in the beginning phases of your business. I suggested testing your sites conversion ability by using ppc. If you find that after spending money of PPC that your website does not convert visitors in to customers. I also discussed that there are a multitude of reasons of why a visitor doesn't spend money on your site. The first reason that may be causing issues is your price. If your price is to high a customer can click … [Read more...]

Affiliate Marketing makes good sense and money.

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E Commerce websites are always looking for solutions to cut their marketing expenses. Advertising is through traditional means is a educated gamble at best.  Does not a 1 million dollar SuperBowl commercial make you enough revenue to justify the expense? Is that full page ad in a national magazine  worth the $100,000 is costs for one month? Well it depends on you product, brand, prices, customer persona's, and many other factors. Obviously a local restaurant would not take out a $100,000 ad, or a small website selling a niche product does not need a 1 million dollar TV ad. This is where affiliate marketing comes in. Affiliate marketing is a pay on performance … [Read more...]

5 Items to Check on Competitor Websites

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A vital part that should be part of your SEO and Internet marketing strategy is checking and verifying what the competition is doing.  Seeing what the competitions is doing can give you a great idea on what is working and what isn't.  When you start taking a look at your online competition you need to know what you are looking at.  The goal would be start a list that you can track and update with new information.  It is a good idea to do a review of your competition once a month. Your competition can give you great insight avenues for more revenue that you are missing 5 Items to Check on Competitor Websites Promotions: it is a good idea to keep up to date … [Read more...]

#1 SEO Mistake Most Businesses or Websites Make

If you own a business than I hope you either have a website or are in the process of building one.  Which ever state you are in you come to the realization that no matter how pretty or how much time you tool to build it you are getting no web traffic.  So, as any good business owner you start an Internet marketing campaign.  In my experience there has been one over riding factor why most Internet marketing or search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns fail.  The answer is consistency. Consistency is the reason most SEO plans fail First, lets be honest how many people reading this post have at one time believed that SEO is just something you do once and then it … [Read more...]

Top 25 Websites on the Web


Added an update as of May 10th, 2010 - This post was originally done last year in June so almost a full year has gone by.  It can be very interesting to see how the the top websites in the world wide web have changed.  Facebook now holds the #2 position which is important as the rumor is that Facebook might become the first true challenger to Google dominance of search and Internet traffic. Most people didn't even realize that Twitter which has gotten a lot of publicity wasn't in the Top 25 Websites last year though it is this year.  With the new way Google SERP works to show Facebook and Twitter updates these two social media sites have real ecommerce … [Read more...]

5 Factors You May Not Know that Affect Your Websites Google Rankings

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For every website, the goal is to rank in the top of Google search results for the keywords that are important to their business.  As businesses develop strategies for increasing their rankings and overall traffic there can be factors that affect their Google search results that they don't even think about.  These more obscure factors become more important the more competitive the terms you want to rank for are. 5 Factors You May Not Now that Affect Your Google Rankings Poor links: you may have heard that links for poor sites don't have the importance that high quality links do though did you know that if you are sending links to poor sites that Google can … [Read more...]

Content Management

Content management with Authority SEO can have multiple meanings.  If you are looking for web based applications to organize and publish online content than please visit our Web Development section.  What Authority SEO specializes in is developing SEO friendly content that is targeted towards your specific products or services. Online search engines like Google think of themselves as web encyclopedias and rank websites that they determine to have the best and most update information on a particular subject matter.  The goal is to make your website an expert in your given field or genre of products and services. " has over 1,600 pages … [Read more...]