Top Search Engine Rankings for April 2010

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comScore released search engine analysis for April 2010 which looks at how people search in sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  The highlights are in the United States there were 15.5 billion core searches, with Google leading the lay controlling 64.4% of all searches performed. Google doubles search traffic for Yahoo and Bing combined Top Search Engines Rankings April 2010 Google still dominates all search traffic while Yahoo search traffic was up 0.8% to 17.7% and Microsoft, which is Bing, was up 0.1% to 11.8%.  The other top search engines comes in at 3.7% and AOL at 2.4%.  Recent inclusions of other media channels in both Yahoo and Bing have led … [Read more...]

Online Advertising Revenue Showing Signs of Economic Recovery

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Online web advertising revenues in the US hit an all time high of $6.3 billion in the fourth quarter of 2009, adding more fuel to the fire, at least in the digital genure, economic recovery is closer than you think. The review from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) also found that search ad revenues ($10.7 billion) consisted 47 percent from the 2009 total, and that digital video playing advertising increased 39 percent. The review was consistent with the current release of AdGooroo's Q1 Search Engine Advertising Update that demonstrated greater overall spending for the first quarter of 2010. Yahoo! was one of the top online companies according to this … [Read more...]

Yahoo and Microsoft Bing Announce Major Partnership

For the first time in quite some time news on the search engine optimization landscape is important and it doesn’t have anything to do with Google.  There is a new deal between Yahoo and Microsoft which runs Bing that will have significant effects on search engine optimization. Top Points on the New Deal the agreement is for 10 yrs for next 10 years Microsoft has exclusive license to Yahoo’s search engine technology current affiliate partners of Yahoo will still be syndicated by Yahoo Yahoo search will not be powered by Bing’s search algorithm for both organic search results and paid search Yahoo and Microsoft will still employ their own sales … [Read more...]

Yahoo’s Geocities is Closing its Virtual Door

If you go to Yahoo Geocities you will find out that you can no longer create a new account.  Yahoo has announced that later this year it is shutting down Geocities, a now ancient free hosting platform.  Nothing has happened to existing account yet though you have to get your data out of Geocities before it officially closes it virtual door.  Yahoo says that more detail on retreiving  your data this summer. Yahoo will not be offering a new free web hosting service and is offering a discount for those that want to transfer their websites into their paid hosting accounts.  I would imagine not too many people take Yahoo up on this offer since the whole point of … [Read more...]

Google 90% of Web Search Growth in 2008

Google the leader in online searches continues to gain market share.  In 2008 Google increased its market share from 58.5% to 63.5% according to comScore. Most of the other major search engines like Yahoo, Microsoft, and had stagnant growth in 2008 with Google being the only major search engine player to have any growth.  For 2008, Google captured 90% of all search volume growth which means how you rank in Google's search engine is more important than ever. … [Read more...]

Click Fraud Reaches New Record

On pay per click advertising 17.1% of all clickthroughs are click fraud according to Click Forensics, which has been monitoring click fraud since 2006.  Click fraud on Google Adsense and Yahoo Publisher is 28.2% of all clicks.  Majoring of the click fraud is achieved using automated bots and looks to be on the rise even more with the struggling economy. Click fraud is the #1 reason why organic search engine marketing is the #1 way to market your website online. … [Read more...]