What is Authority SEO? Authority SEO wasn’t created because I thought that search engine optimization would be a good business to start. It was created out of necessity. Over the years every where I went people would ask me how do you get so much traffic to your website. If you are like most people now a days you have a website and after spending a lot of money to create a very nice website you are finding that you are getting no traffic or the traffic you are getting costs more than you are making. I created Authority SEO because I wanted to create a solution for the people I met to have an option that would deliver real world results online.

Bryan Ashbaugh – Internet Marketing Strategist

The difference between Authority SEO and any SEO consulting firm is that I am an actual ecommerce website owner. My thought has always been if you are so good with optimizing websites for traffic that converts to sales why are you not doing it for yourself?

Authority SEO is now a complete search engine optimization, IT programming, and website design service firm that has the bandwidth and experience to understand the competition for national campaigns and the subtleties for local companies to be successful online.

If you have ever felt like you don’t know exactly what you need to do to generate traffic and sales for your website, Authority SEO is your one stop shop to deliver real results.

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